Who We Are

Yes, you can!
Yes, you are beautiful!
Yes, you are more than capable of anything, beautiful!

Welcome to Kaya Bella! Kaya is a Tagalog word which means able and capable. We all have the capability to do challenging things and develop strong healthy bodies. Bella is an Italian word which means beautiful and is used to express affection. Kaya Bella is dedicated to each sister out there. Know you are the most beautiful and wonderful person there is. Know you are more than capable of achieving anything. Know that you are extraordinary.

The mission of this group is to provide a sense of sisterhood that will live a balanced healthy life through deep conversations, learning, sweating, and food to help ourselves grow. We would also come together to help the community and plan on having a lot of fun adventures. Please join us in a variety of events each month. You can join at any time and attend at any time, no judgements. Be you. Do you. When you come, we’ll welcome you with open arms!

Some events to look forward to:

  • Kaya Bella Launch Party
  • Bi-monthly book club
  • Health and fitness - different fitness workouts + outdoor hikes
  • Painting Class
  • Spring Cleaning Clothing Swap
  • Community Service
  • Brunch / Dinner Conversation Events
  • Coloring Nights
  • Retreats
  • and more!

Yours truly,